Give your shoes a second life.
Usury is not a problem.
Choose this service.

Paolo Scafora shoes are the result of an exclusively handmade work that, thanks to their enveloping lines, comfortable volumen and refined nuances, evoke the dictates of ancient shoe manufacturing in a modern way.
It is not surprising, then, that who wears them falls deeply in love with them too.
However, none of our creations can escape the inevitable: the deterioration of the sole and upper.
Buying a new model, however, is not always the only solution.
Will you feel exactly the same way with a new pair of shoes compared to when you wear your beloved ones?
Remember that every pair is equal to itself, this is the prerogative of handmade shoes.
Don't worry, there is an alternative: soling.
By opting for this service you will be able to give a new life to your footwear by renewing the upper and choosing between our Goodyear, Norwegian, Tyrolean and Extrema manufacturing processes.
Your shoe will be as good as new one, literally.